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In the corner of our lounge sits a piano.  I have often looked at it, wondering how best to approach photographing it.  Finally I got the camera out and experimented with various ideas.  I think this picture works because of the … Continue reading

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China Doll

As regular readers may have noticed, I don’t do much portrait photography, except for candid shots at weddings.  Perhaps it’s because people are apt to move – unlike the images I can compose in a more leisurely manner of the wonderful world of nature.  … Continue reading

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Oxeye Daisy Close-up

This picture of an oxeye daisy was taken in the middle of a wild flower meadow in Surrey.  Getting in close has enabled me to show the early morning sun shining on the petals and the dew drops.  Shooting into the … Continue reading

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Reach for the Skies

Photographing these oxeye daisies from a low vantage point makes them stand out against the dark blue sky.  I started the morning sitting in the middle of a roundabout taking pictures of these flowers, but later moved across the road to the … Continue reading

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