Sheffield Park and Garden

Sheffield Park and GardenSheffield Park House is shown here almost dwarfed by some of the trees in its surrounding garden.  Close to the house was not photogenic when I visited – if you look closely you will see a lot of scaffolding.  However I wanted to place the house in the midst of its garden to introduce the scene before sharing further images of the garden in the next few weeks.  The garden is a National Trust property known for its colour in autumn.  It certainly lived up to its reputation.

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Single Leaf

Single LeafThis image was taken at the same time as the one featured in last week’s post.  Because the texture of the leaf’s veins showed up much more clearly on it’s underside, I decided to photograph that face of the leaf.  I also placed the leaf against a plain, white background as this focuses the viewer’s attention on the subject since there is nothing to detract from it.  The graduations of colour between yellow and brown add further interest to this picture of, what is after all, a leaf I picked up from the ground.

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Leaf Progression

Leaf ProgressionNow Autumn is well and truly upon us the leaves have started falling.  I gathered these leaves this morning from underneath some local sycamore trees.  Rather than produce an image of a pile of leaves I decided to photograph them against a white background.  These three leaves show the progression from green to brown.

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Oak Tree Bark

Oak Tree BarkThis image was taken in the park behind our house.  I made sure I was close enough to the tree to exclude any of the surroundings so that the bark became the entire focus of the picture.  There are a number of oak trees in the park, some of which are believed to be around 400 years old.

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Spring – 3

SpringContinuing the series of photographs of my daughter’s toy spring, here is a very different one:  a close-up of the closed spring, set on its side and concentrating on the green-blue-indigo-violet coloured coils.  The circular coils attractively, and almost imperceptibly,  merge between adjacent tones in the spectrum.

I think the inside of the spring, with its gentle shadow, adds a degree of mystery to this image.  This might encourage the uninformed viewer to wonder just what is the subject of the photograph.

I have chosen to show only one part of the magenta end of the coil and positioned it across the one-third line.  Glimpsing more of it (than that shown in the top right corner) would produce a image with a rather different focus and impact.

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Spring – 2

SpringHere is the second of the images I took last week.  This time I deliberately placed the spring at an angle.  This image is actually a cropped version of a larger one.  When I saw this crop I was struck by how attractive it was.  I like the way in which the colours blend into each other.

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Spring in Autumn

SpringThis is the first of a series of images I took this afternoon of my daughter’s plastic spring toy.  There is a pleasing graduation of colour from left to right – or right to left – depending on your point of view.  Also some attractive variations occur within individual sections of the spring as one colour is progressing into the next – see the yellow/green phase to the left and the purple/blue/green one to the right.  I positioned the spring on a white cloth and under two roof lights.  Although it was midday the shadows are just muted ones that do not detract from the rainbow of colour.  The rainbow itself reminds me of the schoolboy mnemonic about Richard of York.

I achieved a variety of pleasing images in my photographic session today.  It was surprising just how many different types of compositions could be created with a little thought.  In my weekly postings this month I shall share some of the others.

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The Moon

The MoonJust over a week ago I took this picture of the full moon.  At 232760 miles, give or take a little, it was probably the most distant subject I have photographed.  The moon is Earth’s only natural satellite and although mankind has given names to every other moon in our solar system, the moon is officially named “the Moon”.

On this particular night the sky was clear, so I didn’t have to wait for obscuring clouds to pass.  The moon was bright, so there was no need for a long shutter speed – I used 1/250 second at f8.  As there was nothing else in the image I decided to crop it to a square.

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Big Wheel

Big WheelAt this year’s Great Dorset Steam Fair I set out to take pictures of traction engines, road rollers, old farm machinery and smoke – lots of smoke.  I came away from the day with pictures of the FMX display (see previous weeks) and fairground rides.  This week’s striking image was taken just before we left.  I have cropped the original image slightly so as to only include the inner part of the wheel, making it look more like a spider’s web.

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Freestyle Motocross – 3

Freestyle Motocross 3This is the final picture featuring the Bolddog Lings Freestyle Motocross Display Team taken at this year’s Great Dorset Steam Fair.  This week I have deliberately included part of the landing ramp to give a sense of how high the riders are in the air.  The flag at the front end of the ramp fulfils an important role.  It shows the riders how windy it is – anything more than a light wind would make it too dangerous to attempt some of the jumps.

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